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Wash box with flit-gun

Wash box serves for cleaning and eluting mechanical dirt from paper pulp. Eluting is doing by special nozzle in flit-gun. Standard there are supplied 4 types of nozzles enabling to service to choose type and size of nozzle, which is the best for status and pollution of archive document. Nozzles make aerosol, which is dosed sparing and sharply on afflicted place. This new, revolution kind of work enables to elute sparing and sharply dirt form afflicted places without necessity of wet thoroughly archive document. Flit-gun is possible to have control manually or fix it in holder. Second kind of holding makes possible to lock water quantity and pressure and paper pulp hand-washing in water stream.
It is possible to change height of work grillage in two levels by the type of work and services needs. Aggregate polluted water is launched out without rest into canalization after works finishing. Mechanism is made form non-suction materials with great chemical resistance, which enables easy and quick cleaning.

customer| Ceiba s.r.o.
execution of project| 12 / 2004
used material| PVC
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