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Fort - airconditioning conduits of plastic
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EPND line fans

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Temperature resistance:
- for agitated air: -15°C to +60°C
- ambient temperature: +40°C

Intended for atmosphere:
Non-explosive or Explosive ( zone 2)

Range of usage:
V = 50 – 5000 m3/h
p = 100 – 1000 Pa

Radial made by rotation moulding. Used material PE-EL.

Radial with backward curved blades put on the motor shaft directly. Used material PP.

Standard single speed three-phased squirrel-cage electric motors for 400 V in version B3, protection IP55, insulation class F, in version with 2 or 4poles
Ball bearing with grease filling for durability life.
Single phase for order (EPNE).

Multi speed motor
Frequency converter (for special order)

Delivery components:
Housing, impeller, motor, stainless steel stool

Possible accessories:
- damping connectors
- rustproof steel clips
- motor cowling
- exhaust extension with grid
- vibration insulators
- frequency converter
- piping from plastics (PVC, PP, PE + modification)

- when mounting the fan, you have to mount the condensate outlet extension or (at least) to bore a hole with diameter ca. 5 mm in the lowest fan housing point.
- a suitable thermal protection has to be included into the electric systém.

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