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Exhaust heads, CAGI heads, exhaust extension pipes, rain shelters,…

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Exhaust heads are used for polluted vapour removing. Due to its dimension, they protect rain and snow to go inside the pipes and are the cause of blowing vapours high to free space.
Rectangular exhaust heads are made from dimension A or B = 160 till 1000 mm, by maximum aspect ratio 1:4 (in preference made A:B = 1:1).

Exhaust extension pipes protect to outland objects or birds to get inside the fan. If the extension proof is in horizontal proof it also protects to water running into. After agreement we can connect exhaust extension pipe together with another piece of system (e.g. elbow 90° or 135°). Exhaust extension pipe is equipped with plastics grid with screen 1x1cm.

Rain shelters are used for exhausting of air form space. They can be also used for inflow of fresh air in case that inflow speed doesn’t be over 7m/s. If inflow speed would be over 7m/s, the rainwater can be sucked into. Shelters exhaust with small output when it would be windless-ness.

CAGI heads serve for exhausting or inflowing of air from space. In contrast of rain shelters they protect to rain water to run into or backward air flowing. CAGI heads exhaust with small output when it would be windless-ness. Heads are made completely form plastics as one piece. They are connected by flanges or bushings.

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