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Fort - airconditioning conduits of plastic
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About company

FORT - PLASTY s.r.o. FORT – PLASTY ltd is successfully developed company with rich experiences in plastic processing branches by hot mould pressing and hot air welding. Company continues in many years workers experiences and contacts of its home company Ing. Miroslav Silný – FORT, on which piping systems processing has been taken over. Ing.Miroslav Silný – FORT company is still working in branches of plastics processing, but its activities are orientated for tanks, storage reservoirs manufacturing and many others atypical products. We assure our entire customer that we will remain to supply our products in the same quality, required delivery terms and the same prices like till now

We will remain to supply our products mainly our customers in all Czech Republic. Our stable endeavor will be expressive pervasion in surrounding Europe’s countries (namely Germany, Austria, Poland, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Croatia etc.)

Base program stays processing of piping systems from PVC, PP, PPs, HD-PE, PE-EL, PPsEL etc. Main advantage of plastics piping is low absorbability, low weight, high chemical resistance and sufficient steadiness. Due these advantages is piping systems from plastic used in most exacting chemical, pharmaceutical, food and machinery operations. . Our company is able to supply complete delivery (pipes, bends, sound dampers, exhausting heads, exhaust covers and slots, plastic fans and grills, etc.) By agreement we can do also expert assembly.
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